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Toyota releases the Corolla manga series

On the occasion of reaching 50 million cars.. Toyota issues the Corolla manga series

Manga is the Japanese name for comics, and is used outside Japan to denote comics produced in Japan.

On the occasion of reaching 50 million cars.. Toyota issues the Corolla manga series

Because the Toyota Corolla is Japanese, its maker has released a five-part Toyota manga series that outlines its major models in each decade since the 1960s.

This is a celebration of the 50 millionth edition of the world's best-selling car, spanning five decades and 12 generations. 

The illustrations have been modeled on real-life photos of Toyota Corolla owners, with the actual images displayed right below the Toyota  manga.

Toyota releases the Corolla manga series.

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Corolla manga series

Toyota Corolla is available in a myriad of body types, such as hatchback, sedan, wagon, coupe, and minivan. 

This made the painting a part of different cultures around the world, and even more so in its native Japan. 

It's integral to Toyota's reputation as a reliable car company, with a journey that began with the first generation Toyota Corolla E10.

Toyota is not satisfied with the success of its car over the past years, but we also expect the Corolla name to continue to spread around the world. 

Toyota made sure of this by introducing a crossover version called the Corolla Cross amid buyers' appetite for high-ride SUVs. 

The Toyota Corolla Cross is also available as a hybrid model.

The 50 millionth Toyota Corolla also comes with a special "50 Million .

Edition" for the wagon, sedan, and hatchback versions. However, these limited edition models are sold exclusively in Japan. 


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