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A look at the bmw concept xm and its highlights

 bmw concept xm and its details

bmw m GmbH has officially unveiled its new XM, the most powerful bmw m car ever in the production series, and its launch is scheduled to begin at the end of next year.

At the same time, the bmw concept xm highlights the distinctive aspects of the M brand.

bmw concept xm and its details

The bmw concept xm offers a first glimpse into the new front-end design of the upcoming BMW models in the luxury segment.

It also presented its fans with a distinctive and very comprehensive presentation of the design of the bmw xm model and an entirely new form of luxury and the feeling of spaciousness in the interior.

Production of the serial production model - bmw xm - will start from the end of 2022 at the BMW Group Spartanburg plant in the USA.

That's why BMW M will present its first self-contained car since the legendary BMW M1 in the year it celebrates its fiftieth anniversary.

A look at the bmw concept xm and its highlights.

bmw concept xm luxury specifications

The bmw xm will be available as a plug-in hybrid model, exclusively with the M model.

The all-electric driving range is 80 km, while the newly developed M-Hybrid powertrain in the bmw concept xm combines an eight-cylinder engine with a high-performance electric motor to develop a maximum power of 550 kW / 750 hp and maximum torque of 1,000 Nm.

bmw concept xm and its details

The bmw concept xm confirms that BMW M GmbH is making its way into the luxury segment. 

The car enjoys special advantages from the exterior designs in terms of elegant character and tremendous attractiveness.

Inside the car, a special look can be given to the driver-focused cockpit that M models are known for their all-new rear design.

With its extremely comfortable seats and illuminated headliner, the M cabin offers passengers a luxurious ambiance.

The bmw concept xm introduces a new and advanced front-end design for the BMW luxury class.

a version of which will debut in 2022 as part of BMW's expansion into the luxury segment.

The headlights are divided into two separate units, a new design feature that adds a visually appealing appearance.

The new XM badge in the twin grille and large air intakes references the power of the V8 engine.

which combines with the electric motor to build the M Hybrid system.

bmw concept xm and its details

The eye-catching front fascia, long hood and extended roofline present a two-box design with a distinctive exterior outline.

The two-tone finishes of the bmw concept xm underline its distinctive lines.

The upper part is matte golden bronze, while the lower part is painted metallic grey.

Below the window there is also a wide, high-gloss black stripe "Black Belt" - separating the two colours in the exterior design.

The distinctive exterior mirrors of the M model give the car an elegant, technical and sporty appearance.

The rear loading cap for the left front wheel is a reminder of the M Hybrid system in action.

The elongated body sits on 23-inch light-alloy wheels, adding strength and rigidity to the side view.

And the rear window seamlessly overlaps the background.

The new design concept can also be found in the arrangement of the laser-engraved BMW logo in the window below each of the mismatched bars.

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The ultra-thin taillights come with a bold L-shaped design from the add-on effects, which extend across almost the entirety of the rear.

The lights darken by themselves when they're not active, and a consistent shade of red appears when they're turned on.

The characteristic twin tailpipes of BMW M models stand out in the rear apron.

while the two-bracket exhaust system and exhaust system in use reduce the back pressure of the V8 and also generate an impressive sound to express the power of the imposing engine.

Inside the bmw concept xm, the driver will find the distinctive M concept of driver-focused cockpit design.

The lines and surface design of the dashboard, centre console, door trim and seats within the front cabin give a feel of strong engineering and high-quality materials.

Antique brown leather, copper and carbon fibre embody luxury and motorsport .

Special materials and surfaces with strong, expressive detailing transform the rear seats into a unique M lounge.

 while the black-tinted rear windows convey a lasting sense of privacy.

The large back seat provides a comfortable space to relax.

Only the diamond area inside the headrests, which provides the support function for bmw m sports seats on other models, is trimmed with leather.

The lower sections of the seats offer high comfort with their luxurious velvet upholstery.


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