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bmw i8 .. see the specifications and everything you need to know

bmw i8 .. Specifications and everything you need to know 

While the current bmw i8 doesn't quite live up to the sportiness that bmw has been looking for ،that hasn't taken the luxury German brand away from hybrid sports cars.

bmw i8 .. Specifications and everything you need to know

The next bmw i8, dubbed the bmw i8 m, is being developed with the aim of offering a significant improvement in performance over the current model.

The massive increase in power, a longer all-electric driving range.

updated styling and a more capable chassis are expected to lift the bmw i8 to the top.

bmw i8 .. see the specifications and everything you need to know.

bmw i8 specifications

It'll be a bmw i8 m or whatever bmw decides on the name of the all-new hybrid sports car for 2024.

and there's more to expect when the car's sale date approaches, expected sometime in 2023 as a 2024 model.

Without knowing how the bmw i8 m will be equipped or what options may be available.

it is difficult to recommend a specific model and it is expected that the bmw i8 m will be offered with a solid coupe body, similar to the current model line up.

Engine, transmission and performance of the bmw i8

The hybrid powertrain in the bmw i8 m is expected to follow the same basic setup as the current bmw i8.

 meaning an electric motor drives the front wheels, a petrol engine in the middle and an electric motor for the rear wheels.

Instead of a 1.5-liter three-cylinder bmw i8, bmw said the new car will offer a turbocharged four-cylinder.

and the company claims the system's total output — gas and electric power combined — is 591 horsepower.

It vastly outperforms the bmw i8's 369 horsepower and this powertrain will help the bmw i8 m compete with competitors such as the acura nsx , lexus lc500h and polestar 1.

bmw will end production of the V12 engine this summer.

Range, charging and battery life in the bmw i8

The bmw i8's current electric driving range of 18 miles is unimpressive to say the least.

bmw was silent about details such as battery size but said the Vision M Next Concept's electric driving range was 62 miles.

This means that bmw engineers have found a way to squeeze more miles out of the car's current 11.6 kWh battery or make room for a much larger unit.

Certainly, the manufacturer of the high-end bmw i8 in 2024 will provide more information about the bmw i8 m battery.

range and charging capacity closer to the car's sale date.

Fuel economy in the bmw i8

The EPA has not tested the bmw i8 m or released an estimate for fuel consumption - which is not surprising since the vehicle is not yet available for testing as well as an improved electric driving range.

The bmw i8 m is expected to provide slightly better fuel economy ratings than the current bmw i8 despite the expected improvement in acceleration and driving performance.

Safety and driver assistance features in the bmw i8

Given that the bmw i8 m is still a few years away, it is possible to offer more advanced driver assistance features.

including perhaps a truly autonomous driving system.

Key security features will likely include:

  • Standard automatic emergency braking system with pedestrian detection.
  • Standard Lane Departure Warning with Lane Keeping Assist.
  • Adaptive cruise control with semi-autonomous driving mode.


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