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bmw m4 with M Performance Parts Upgrade Package

 Meet the bmw m4 with the M Performance Parts upgrade package

The bmw m4 M Performance Parts bmw m4 presents a striking new look, with an exciting package of exterior equipment.

While the bmw m4 and M3 classes still attract a lot of car tuning companies for their extreme design.

Meet the bmw m4 with the M Performance Parts upgrade package

bmw m4 with M Performance Parts Upgrade Package .

bmw m4 exterior with M Performance Parts upgrade package

The front bumper is fitted with M Performance carbon fibre tubing and the front fascia features a tri-colour M shape design.

The bmw m4 also features optional wheels, as well as a pair of carbon fibber side skirt attachments.

Moving to the rear, we see the carbon fibre boot spoiler and its complementary diffuser.

Meet the bmw m4 with the M Performance Parts upgrade package

This is arguably the most controversial element as it has been paired with the M Performance exhaust.

which has a different and exciting design.

 The end panels extending from the diffuser are also very aggressive.

Completing the Exciting Appearance Package is M Performance paint.

which adds a massive amount of black detailing across the lower half of the car.

The brand's signature blue and red M logo are also affixed to the side of the car.

And the windshield sign starkly makes it clear where all these cosmetic changes come from.

A three-level tuning package has been revealed to upgrade the bmw m3 and m4 models from leading car tuning company G Power to make them more powerful, fierce.

luxurious and competitive in the market.

Meet the bmw m4 with the M Performance Parts upgrade package

The first level is the modification of the basic performance program .

which pushes the power output from 503 hp and 649 Nm of torque, to 600 hp and 718 Nm of torque.

The second stage comes with a mechanical addition by installing a custom exhaust system and upgrading a variety of software packages.

These changes boost power output to 650 hp and torque of 778 Nm.

While the third stage of the upgrades adds lower tubes.

increasing power output to 700 horsepower and 838 Nm of torque.

bmw g power also has a few cosmetic options, including forged 21-inch wheels.

In addition to the many carbon fibre trim, including the hood and rear spoiler.

The standard top speed of the BMW M3 and M4 is 289.6 km/h if the driver package is included.

G-Power turns around this barrier to the specified maximum speed .

allowing the car to reach a top speed of about 329 km per hour.

If you're looking for something a little more reasonable.

AC Schnitzer is offering a 580-hp upgrade to the previous generation bmw m3.

bmw m240i xdrive coupe Details and Features.

As well as the improvements provided by the German tuning company Infinitas .

which can give any car equipped with the S55 engine, a power of up to 1,000 horsepower.


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