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porsche taycan 2021.. an electric sports car full of adventures

 porsche taycan 2021.. an electric sports car

The porsche taycan 2021 is an environmentally friendly car, which the German company announced that it will launch its basic model next March.

The porsche taycan isn't competitive with a Tesla, but it's an all-electric performance benchmark.

The porsche taycan is the first four-door sedan in the high-performance class and the first fully electric car.

porsche taycan 2021.. an electric sports car

porsche taycan 2021.. an electric sports car full of adventures .

2021 porsche taycan specifications

porsche taycan 2021.. an electric sports car

It is one of the best all-electric cars in performance and regular production.

It reaches a speed of 100 kilometres in three seconds, while its top speed is 230 kilometres per hour.

The car expresses well the future of the Porsche brand.

The taycan 2021 combines pure performance with beautiful design.

It's one of the fastest cars ever, with a solid set of technical features.

Infused with an adventurous spirit, as everything in it looks modern, Porsche is adding a system in the Taycan called Function on Demand.

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This function adapts the adaptive cruise control to future conditions.

Subject to speed limits and conditions that may require walking or stopping.

The German company explained that the new saloon car comes equipped with only one engine instead of two engines.

With all the letters denoting the model name "porsche macan gts", porsche turbo or porsche taycan turbo s removed, and the new base version called "porsche taycan".

The basic version comes with a standard battery and produces 240 kW / 326 hp.

and the power can be increased to 300 kW / 408 hp for a short time.

And when the car is equipped with a high-performance battery, it can continue to drive for longer distances with increased performance rates.

porsche taycan 2021.. an electric sports car

The electric vehicle has 280 kW / 380 hp as standard, and the maximum power can reach 350 kW / 476 hp.

The driving range, depending on the standard battery, with a capacity of 79.2 kWh, is 431 km.

While the range with a larger battery capacity of 93.4 kWh is 484 km according to the "YLTB" standard.

High-speed charging requires a careful balance of liquid-cooled cables, liquid-cooled battery packs.

and intelligent rate management software to protect battery cells and ensure battery cycles continue.

The battery can be charged with a capacity of up to 270 kilowatts, so it can be recharged from 5 to 80 percent in twenty minutes.

It can also be charged for 5 minutes, covering a distance of 100 km.

Inside, the car seats four, although the rear seats depend on the length of the front seats.

Getting in and out of the rear seats may require some twisting.

Luggage space is medium to small.

It measures 12 cubic feet, although the front trunk leaves enough room for a backpack or two.

Up to five screens are available on the porsche taycan , three for the driver, a fourth for controlling the air conditioning in the rear seat, and a fifth for the passenger.

Once you overcome the shock and awe of performance when driving, one will feel that the porsche taycan is a true luxury car.


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